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Lincoln Military Housing


In San Diego, there is an abundance of military families. Lincoln Military Housing was created in 2001, by a private-public partnership with Lincoln Property Company and the Department of Defense. They work closely with military families and as a result, understand their ever changing needs. Lincoln Military Housing Communities are located throughout the nation on or off base, and serve over 36,000 military families.

Throughout 2017, SDFLC will work with Lincoln Military Housing, by providing financial education expertise. Lincoln Military Housing has a “Dinner and a Class” series aimed to help military members with their finances.

Topics and Dates:

Thursday, May 18th – PCS

Wednesday, August 9th – Home Buying or Retirement / Transitioning Planning

Thursday, November 9th – Budget Management and Getting through the Holidays

Our partnerships and projects with Lincoln Military Housing include:

  • Collaboration in providing veterans with personal financial education
  • Joint workshops for personal financial education
  • One on one financial analysis sessions for constituents

For more details about Lincoln Military Housing, please visit

February 16th, 2017: Dinner and a Class Series – How to Use Your GI Bill