San Diego Financial Literacy Center

Lincoln Military Housing Dinner and a Class

On Wed., Nov. 14, the SDFLC’s Director of Community Outreach, Chase Peckham, conducted two presentations at Lincoln Military Housing’s monthly dinner and class series. The presentations revolved around the topic “Consumer Credit and You.” Topics covered included credit reports, credit scores, and managing debt. The night capped off another successful year of our volunteers and staff providing financial literacy to the residents of Lincoln Military Housing. We really appreciate the great feedback we received and look forward to returning in 2019.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

  • Great job appreciate info & patience w/questions
  • Awesome!! Very informative. Thank you!
  • Thank you I learned a lot from you tonight
  • Thank you for all the great info I learned a lot today.
  • In regard to military based groups, the Fleet & family center and command financial specialists have credit counseling and debt validation services. Also, they have access to STEAM a program used for credit payoff that combines snowball and avalanche methods.
  • Very knowledgeable! A lot of good and useful info.
  • Great job!
  • Thank you for the great presentation
  • Great info. I enjoyed the speaker and his knowledge
  • The speak was perfect
  • Great information the speaker appeared to be very knowledgeable
  • Great presentation! Huge amount of wonderful advice & guidance.
  • Excellent speaker, I really enjoyed
  • He was very informative and very helpful
  • Really great info, maybe ask people to hold comments & questions until the end (write them down to not forget)
  • Great work simplifying the financial jargon in easy to understand terms
  • Speaker was very knowledgeable and answered questions very well
  • Liked his use of analogies and examples. When talking about clearing cc debt, specify @ beginning of the plan that you pay more than minimum on the card you target first
  • Great information
  • This was great. Could sit in this gain and again.
  • Great speaker ( x 3)
  • Lots of good information very informative
  • This class was very informational and very useful into to build credit
  • Great class! Very educative, it cleared up a few doubts. Recently, I stumbled across David Ramsey which advises against credit score! Definitely using the snowball method but not go without credit.
  • Very knowledgeable and had mastery of the topic. Was able to explain items very well.

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