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Over the years we have been asked to contribute on news segments, podcast, radio shows, and print. Here is a list of some of our most recent appearances in reverse chronological order. If you’re interested in having one of our experts on your show please email us at

Know Your Options: The Measured Risk Podcast – Episode 15 -Exploring the Importance of Financial Literacy & Skepticism in Data (Paul Lim, Aug. 30, 2023)

In this episode, Bernard Surovsky and Larry Kriesmer welcome special guest Paul Lim, a San Diego Financial Literacy Foundation board advisor. Paul emphasizes the importance of financial literacy and shares his passion for demystifying financial concepts to empower individuals to make wise financial decisions. He discusses his work with the foundation, including in-person financial opportunity clinics for underserved communities. Paul also talks about the challenges of back-tested financial data and the need for skepticism.

KPBS Midday Edition – Experts Explain the Best Ways to Improve Your Financial Literacy – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, May 30, 2023)

Personal finances are tough. From knowing what investments to make, to simply making a budget with what you have now, it’s not easy to develop a better understanding of your own money. If you can get past the jargon, however, there are plenty of ways to increase your own financial literacy and make some solid plans for your own future. Guests: Paul Lim, a financial planner and member of the San Diego Financial Literacy Center’s advisory board.

10+ thinkers, 200 words, one question: What’s your advice for San Diego’s college grads? San Diego Union-Tribune (Felipe Arevalo, May 25, 2023)

“What words of advice would you share with today’s college graduates? The Union-Tribune asked this question to our region’s doctors, scientists, athletes, artists, givers, thinkers, doers and others.” Felipe of course provided some financial advice.

Report: San Diego, Imperial County car loans are getting bigger – KPBS San Diego and National Public Radio (NPR) (Felipe Arevalo, Apr. 10, 2023)

As the size of car loans increases, individuals and families find their budgets stretched beyond the limit. Felipe shares some concerning trends he has seen and what you should consider before purchasing your next vehicle.

Cuidado con las empresas de consolidación que te prometen desaparecer tu deuda – Telemundo San Diego (Felipe Arevalo, Dec. 7, 2022)

Participa en una entervsita para Univision San Diego. El video cubre lo que los consumidores deben tomar en consideración cuando empresas de consolidación que prometen desaparecer su deuda. Esten al aleta y no sea victima de una estafa.

Kimberly Palmer: Holiday survival tips from 5 financial pros – AP News (Felipe Arevalo, Nov. 22, 2022)

Felipe joins four other financial pros in providing tips to help people’s budgets survive the tough economic times around the expensive holiday season. What ideas would Felipe share to save money during the holiday season?

Sigue estos consejos para pagar tus deudas – Telemundo Washington DC (Felipe Arevalo, Sep. 2, 2022)

En este video Felipe comparte consejos para liquidar su seduda lo mas pronto posible y algunas alternativas que talvez no habi considerado.

KPBS Midday Edition – Managing Your Money During A Pandemic – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, Aug. 4, 2022)

San Diego County’s unemployment rate is estimated to be 16%, compared to just over 3% before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in March. A quarter of a million people in the county have lost a job amid business reductions and closures caused by the coronavirus. If you are among those who are still getting a paycheck, the pandemic has likely still impacted your finances. Paul Lim is a financial planner and an adviser to the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, a non-profit that provides free financial services to the community. He joined Midday Edition on Tuesday to discuss resources and ideas on managing your personal finances during this challenging time.

KPBS Midday Edition – How Can You Prepare For A Recession? – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, Aug. 22, 2019)

While the weather forecast looks great, the economic forecast doesn’t. From tariffs and trade wars to a soft housing market, indicators are leaning toward a recession. And with inflated housing costs, Californians could be hit hard. So, is there anything we can do to prepare our wallets and investments? Paul Lim is a financial planner and adviser with the San Diego Financial Literacy Center. He says, yes there is.  “It can be as simple as having an emergency fund in the bank or owning the right insurance policies,” Lim said. Lim advises clients to always stay prepared for an economic downturn and joined Midday Edition to give tips.

KPBS Midday Edition – Your Money: Owe The IRS Money This Year? How Not To Next Year – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, Apr. 15, 2019)

Today is the day for last-minute taxpayers to scramble to submit their tax returns. Many people may be shocked to discover that their reliable federal tax refund isn’t that reliable this year.  People used to getting money back from the IRS may not, and they might even owe the government instead. That’s because it’s the first tax year since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect. The act increased the amount of the standard deduction, but set limits for some of the deductions commonly used by taxpayers who itemize. That includes the mortgage interest rate deduction and the state and local tax deductions.It’s too late to change much on this year’s taxes, but what about next year?  Paul Lim, financial planner and adviser with the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, discusses tips for adjusting withholdings, maxing out retirement contributions and utilizing your health savings account on KPBS Midday Edition Monday.

KPBS Midday Edition – How to Make More Money Without Working More – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, Jan. 10, 2019)

Typically if you want to earn more money you have to work longer hours. But wouldn’t it be great to not have to work more to create more income?  That’s the idea behind a concept known as passive income where time input is not directly related to the amount of money you make. Some common examples of passive income include stock investments and real estate. Financial planner Paul Lim joins Midday Edition Thursday to discuss new ways to create passive income. Lim is also an adviser with the San Diego Financial Literacy Center.

KPBS Midday Edition – Your Money: Personal Finance Resolutions For 2019 – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, Jan. 2, 2019)

Nearly one-third of Americans planned to make a financial resolution in 2019, according to a survey by Fidelity Investments.  But, personal finance goals are not one-size-fits-all.  Depending on your circumstances, what should you resolve to change in terms of personal finance? Paul Lim, a financial planner and adviser for the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, joins Midday Edition on Wednesday to answer that question.

Your Money Your Wealth Podcast (Paul Lim, Jun. 12, 2018)

A Reddit thread about getting sold life insurance when going to a life insurance company for financial planning gets Joe Anderson, CFP® ranting! To make sure Joe’s insurance rant doesn’t apply to you, and to help you avoid buying insurance you don’t need, Paul Lim CFP® educates us on term life insurance, permanent life insurance, long-term care, and annuities: what they are, when you need them, and how they fit into your overall financial plan.

KPBS Midday Edition – Your Money: How To Invest And Plan For Retirement – National Public Radio (NPR) (Paul Lim, Apr. 2, 2019)

In the final installment of KPBS Midday Edition’s personal finance series, Paul Lim, a financial planner and Board Member of the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, has tips for how to get started on saving for retirement and investing.


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