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Smart With Your Money

The flagship education program that is a step-by-step guide to a stronger financial future with a special emphasis on budgeting, managing and eliminating credit card debt and how to avoid financial pitfalls. The SDFLC uses a macro approach toward transforming individual’s financial behavior in a way that encourages them to make a long-term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses and acquiring assets. The SDFLC provides services across these key areas: financial literacy, debt management, budgeting and credit counseling. These core services are integrated with ancillary services provided by community partners in the areas of employment/workforce development and financial education/advising. All of these services are provided to clients in a bundled fashion to reinforce one another and to forge a multi-faceted approach to overall financial fitness.

Collaboration and partnerships are invaluable in furthering financial education to our region and California Coast Credit Union and the SDFLC have done that through work with San Diego City employees workshops and San Diego Mesa Community College first ever Financial Literacy speaker series.

In collaborating with the Foundation for Financial Planning and Live Well San Diego initiatives, the SDFLC presents one-on-one financial planning to San Diego’s communities through its Financial Opportunity Clinics. These complimentary one-on- one clinics with financial professionals are designed to provide opportunities for at-risk and low-income populations to receive professional financial education and direction in a confidential and competent manner. Each attendee spends 40 – 60 minutes with a credentialed financial professional who donates their time and expertise, to discuss any financial topic.

The goal is to develop a collective impact on individuals and their families that never thought a financial professional was within their reach; believing this will have far reaching benefits for the entire community.
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With our steady stream of fresh content the learning can start at any time! Are you looking to improve your financial knowledge? It’s easy and it’s more fun than you think. Best part you can start now!


Smart With Your Money One-On-One

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PRESENTATION TOPICS (Most Also Available Virtually)

• Understanding your net worth

• Establishing financial goals

• Creating a spending plan (budget)

• Different methods to eliminate credit card debt on your own

• Understanding credit reports and scores

• Budgeting for the bi-weekly pay check

• Teaching your children about money

• Before you say “I do,” what you both need to know

• Distressed real estate (homes)

• First time home buyers

• Understanding your credit in the real estate market

• Mortgage 101

• Refinancing 101

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