San Diego Financial Literacy Center

Wave of the Future


Wave of the Future is SDFLC’s financial education program designed to further educate our next generation(K – 12 and including college) about the nuances of credit, debt, budgeting and how to become financially responsible adults. By preparing our youth population for their financial future via online tools, workbooks and digital resources, we are able to help shape the financial habits they will need to be successful. The utilization of interactive workshops, games and the introduction of real-life financial scenarios further prepare our youth to become and stay financially fit.

The Wave of the Future program topics include: Your Credit and You (consumer credit), Introduction to Credit and Lending, Creating a Spending Plan (budgeting), Introduction to Insurance (with our partners from State Farm) and Introduction to Taxes. 

We have recognized the fact that most financial troubles begin at a young age. For that reason in the SDFLC launched also works with elementary and middle school aged children. 

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Current partners of the Wave of the Future program include: San Diego Community College District, Clairemont High School Academy of Business, Southwestern College, Palomar College, and many more.


• Understanding credit

• Introduction to credit reports and scores

• Creating a plan (budgeting)


Second Quarter 2019 Totals:

• 36 Seminars and Events

• 1,116 Attendees

2018 Survey Totals:

•96.03% of students surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that they will be able to use the information learned in their financial future

• After our presentation 93%% of students rated their understanding of budgeting at a seven or above