San Diego Financial Literacy Center

What We Do

The San Diego Financial Literacy Center provides free financial services to the community through three core programs:

Boost For Our Heroes

Boost For Our Heroes is a financial assistance and education program that benefits military members and their families.

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Smart With Your Money

Smart With Your Money (S.W.Y.M) Provides complimentary financial literacy seminars to individuals, families, and organizations throughout San Diego County.

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Wave Of The Future

Wave of the Future is a program that teaches high school and college students about various financial topics, like avoiding debt and using credit properly.

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The financial literacy of our constituents is enhanced through our complimentary and custom built educational seminars and workshops.


The key to success for the SDFLC is the collaboration with community, corporate, military, and educational partners throughout San Diego.


The SDFLC currently tracks constituents via survey, quarterly contacts, and regular touch points to ensure curriculum and education outreach.

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