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Bite of reality

On Wednesday June 28th two SDFLC volunteers and three SDFLC staff members joined the team from California Coast Credit Union at Mesa College for a large scale Bite of Reality game. About 150 Students in the 2017 Summer Cruise program participated in this interactive simulation of real-life money budgeting challenges that are commonly faced by the average person.

During Bite of Reality, every student downloads the app on to their phone at the start of the simulation and each student is given a random profile. Each profile will give the student information about their new life; occupation, salary, spouse information (if applicable) and debt. Together with the other volunteers, we sat at tables that symbolized different real life expenses, such as child care, entertainment and transportation. The volunteers’ goal was to do our best to “upsell” the students and force them to overspend, so that they will learn the terrible effects of overspending without getting into actual debt.

We look forward to many more Bite of Reality presentations at Mesa College and other schools around the San Diego County. If you are interested in setting up a Bite of Reality interactive scenario at your school, please contact us at

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