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Equifax Security Breach Information and What You Should Do

In the wake of the cybersecurity breach at the credit reporting company Equifax; it has been determined that extremely sensitive information is most likely no longer secured.  Equifax is one of three major U.S. credit bureaus along with Experian and Trans Union; data obtained from these organizations can be used in myriad ways that may potentially negatively impact you and/or your family.

We strongly recommend that consumers review their credit reports and account statements very carefully.  You should immediately report any unauthorized activity to your financial institutions. A great site for information on different actions that can be utilized to further secure your personal situation including freezing your credit report, is the Federal Trade Commission’s,

Equifax has also set up a site to help determine if your sensitive information may have been included in the breach

If you have any further questions or have been a victim of identity theft, please visit our site for a set of resources to assist you,

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