San Diego Financial Literacy Center

Smart With Your Money

The flagship education program that is a step by step guide to a stronger financial future with a special emphasis on budgeting, managing and eliminating credit card debt and how to avoid financial pitfalls.  This program is also available to employers as a value added benefit.


The SDFLC uses a macro approach towards transforming people’s financial behavior in a way that encourages them to make a long-term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses, and acquiring assets. The SDFLC provides services across these key areas: financial literacy, debt management, budgeting and credit counseling.  These core services are integrated together along with ancillary services provided by community partners in the areas of employment/workforce development and financial education/advisement.  All of these services are provided to clients in a bundled fashion to reinforce one another and to forge a multi-faceted approach to overall financial fitness.

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• Understanding your net worth

• Establishing financial goals

• Creating a spending plan (budget)

• Different methods to eliminate credit card debt on your own

• Understanding credit reports and scores

• Budgeting for the bi-weekly pay check

• Teaching your children about money

• Before you say “I do,” what you both need to know

• Distressed real estate (homes)

• First time home buyers

• Understanding your credit in the real estate market

• Mortgage 101

• Refinancing 101


2017 March Totals:

• 6 Event

• 988 Attendees

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